As regular readers will recall, it recently became clear that the tiny penguins who have invaded our apartment were trying to build something. They appeared to have laid a foundation, and signage suggested that our kitchen window sill is, to them, the “future site of Penguin Town Hall.” But it’s become difficult to monitor their progress, because now they’ve put up those blue walls around the construction site. There are view-holes cut in the walls, but so far, not much to see inside. As often seems to be the case, the crew is more interested in ogling pretty passersby than in construction.

The penguins are apparently making some money by selling advertising space. They’ve put “Post No Bills” notices on the blue walls, but there’s still a fair number of wild postings, pitching Penguin Coffee, PTV, and something called Penguins on Ice. And so we learn a bit more about this strange little society: Apparently these tiny penguins have, somewhere in this area, a coffee brand, a television network, and an ice show. I suppose as long as they don’t kill us…

When we last left off, it had become clear that the penguins were building something. Today, as these latest photographs indicate, they have completed what is apparently the foundation of a planned structure.

If you’ve wandered in recently: Not long ago, we awoke to discover that our apartment had been invaded by tiny penguins. Soon they were everywhere — in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the office. Their numbers dramatically increased, and we really began to worry.

Amanda spotted one penguin running around with a butter knife — obviously a very bad sign. When we followed the advice of friends and brought in a polar bear, the penguins slaughtered the polar bear, in one of the most gruesome scenes we have ever witnessed.

The terror continues…

Well, folks, the penguin situation has only grown scarier in the new year. A few days ago, we were alarmed to notice very small tools lying around the apartment. Then, we were startled to observe that several of the penguins now seemed to be wearing hard hats — never a good sign. And this morning, a glance at our window sill tells us that these penguins are planning something big. What’s going on here?